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BOOKS - New & Used

padencity.jpg (143672 bytes) Sold Out....Title: Paden City Glass Company 1916-1951

Author: Walker, Bratkovich & Walker

Pub Date/Price List Date: 2003/2003

Price: $35.00 (New) GB01

camb30-34.jpg (63494 bytes) Title: The Cambridge Glass Company 1930-1934

Author: NCCI

Pub Date/Price List Date:1976/1997

Price: $15.00 (gently used) GB07

camb49-53.jpg (65008 bytes) Title: The Cambridge Glass Company 1949-1953

Author: NCCI

Pub Date/Price List Date: 1978/1999

Price: $15.00 (gently used) GB08

fostoria.jpg (128060 bytes) Title: Fostoria Glass

Author: Kerr

Pub Date/Price List Date: 1994/1997

Price: $13.00 (gently used) GB34

heisimpanimals.jpg (64649 bytes) SOLD...Title: Collectors Guide to Heisey & Heisey by Imperial Glass Animals

Author: Hahn & Kikeli

Pub Date/Price List Date: 1991/1991

Price: $10.00 (gently used) GB29

mauzy1.jpg (157619 bytes) Title: Mauzy's Depression Glass

Author: Mauzy & Mauzy

Pub Date/Price List Date: 1999/1999

Price: $13.00 (gently used)GB20

mccaineapg.jpg (39146 bytes) Title: The Collectors Encyclopedia of Pattern Glass

Author: McCain

Pub Date/Price List Date: 1982/1996

Price: $8.00 (gently used) GB23

pricesurvey.jpg (77219 bytes) Title: Price Survey Fourth Edition

Author: Washburn

Pub Date/Price List Date: 1994/1994

Price: $12.00 author signed (almost new) GB27

westmoreland2.jpg (85619 bytes) Title: Westmoreland Glass 1950-1984 Volume II

Author: Kovar

Pub Date/Price List Date: 1991/no price list

Price: $15.00 (gently used) GB38

revi19thcent.jpg (94360 bytes) Title: Nineteenth Century Glass It's Genesis and Development

Author: Revi

Pub Date/Price List Date: 1967/no prices

Price: $50.00 (gently used) GB03


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