So, what line is it?

By Bert Kennedy

Lets look at some of Morgantown’s elegant stem lines which as usual all have the same stem but different bowl shapes for each line. For a common reference look at page 135 item 3, (7662) Majesty, and page 136 item 4, (7667) Georgian, and on the same page item 5, (7667 ½) Jacobean, all found in Jerry Gallagher’s book A Handbook of Morgantown Glass. Notice that all three lines have the same stem with a small elliptical bead and tapered flutes below and above the bead.

Each of these lines has a distinctive and different bowl shape as we see in the pictures below.


The Majesty stem, on the left, has a round bowl.



The Georgian line, on the right, has a bell shape bowl.



The Jacobean line, on the left, has straight sided bowl with a tapered bottom.


All the lines above have the same stem but all have a different bowl shape compared to the stem next to it. So what line is this?


Now, the fun begins. Recently, on E-bay I saw listing for some Morgantown Wines. They had the same stem line as the ones above but the bowl shape was like the one we find on the Empress line, 7660 1/2 as shown on page 135, item one. The seller sold these in three auctions with two wines in each auction. I was fortunate to win 2 out of three auctions so I have a set of four. As I said, the seller sold them as wines. When they arrived I measured them to see how many ounces they would hold and how tall they were. They are 5 1/8 inch tall. They looked too small to be a wine and too big to be a cordial. Yes, just as I thought. They held 1 ¾ ounces, making it a large cordial or small wine. So not only was the stem a new line but an unusual size. With this size just under the 2 ounce, I think it best fits a sherry. Below we see the sherry compared to a Monroe cordial.

Note the bowl shape of both lines is the same.

Looking at the line numbers, (in the 7660’s), for the Majesty, Georgian, and Jacobean you will notice that there is a line number missing in the normal sequence. That number is 7663. If it meets with the approval of the rest of the Morgantown glass family I would like to assign the name of Emily Ann to this new stem shape. Thus we have a Spanish Red, 7663, Emily Ann, 1 ¾ ounce sherry to add to our great Morgantown stems.

Below is the debut of this lovely Emily Ann stem.


Now I am on the hunt for some goblets.