But where is Lorna?

By Bert Kennedy

Recently on an E-bay auction I was fortunate enough to be the lucky winner of a set of four Morgantown finger bowls with Fairwin, #790 etching. It was the etching that I knew made these finger bowls Morgantown. I did not really look closely at the bowl shape since it was obviously a Morgantown etched product.

When the finger bowls arrived I naturally opened my Gallagher Handbook of Morgantown Glass in order to assign a product number to the finger bowl. When I opened the book to page 155 and began my search. I was surprised by what I found, or let me say, by what I did not find. There was no listing for the shape finger bowl that had arrived. There was a listing for the "Lorna" line, #7654, but it did not look like mine. In fact, none of the shown shape finger bowls looked like the mine.

So I read on to see what Jerry said about Lorna, which is the shape I thought I might have. In the notation it said that this finger bowl was listed as part of the Old English line, #7678. Looking at the picture of the "Lorna" finger bowl shown I could easily see why it was listed with the Old English line. The bowl shape of the finger bowl body was just like the body shape of the Old English stem line. So why not call this "Lorna" finger bowl by its listed name, Old English? I think Jerry would be first in line to change the Handbook to reflect this line number change, especially after he saw this finger bowl with the Farwin etching.

So now let us look closely at this finger bowl I received from e-bay.

After looking at the bowl shape of this finger bowl I hope you will agree this more closely fits the Lorna line than the listing we currently have.

Look at the examples of the Venetian goblets or even the footed tumbler shown on page 16 of last months Topics (Volume XVI No. 1). Then look at the above picture of the Lorna stem. The bowl shape on the stem is just like the bowl shape of the fingerbowl. I think the shape of this line is a good fit for this finger bowl. In my Handbook I will change the item "D" picture to Old English and add this new shape as #7654 Lorna.

Do any of you have other examples of finger bowls with a Morgantown etching but a shape not listed? I would not be surprised to find a finger bowl shape for every Morgantown stem line. A Lexington finger bowl would be nice and why not find it with a Ritz blue filament. Oh, what about a Yale, Pygon, or Unger finger bowl? Keep looking, as Morgantown still has lots of treasures to reveal.