Venus, Morgantown’s Versatile Star


Bert Kennedy


The clean lines of this elegant stem line was the brain child of Wilbur E. Hunter. Mr. Hunter became the General manager of Morgantown Glass in 1909. The Design for this classic stem line was presented to the Unites States Patent office and granted a Design patent, D50751, on May 8th 1917. This patent is shown below.


One of the tricks Morgantown used to make their stem lines maintain customer excitement was decoration. They used different methods of decoration to add fresh new looks to the Venus line. They used different optics, panel, palm, and tulip. They used different cuttings, copper wheel cut, stone cuts in grey or fire polished versions. They used different etchings, plate etches and needle etchings. They used various colors and color combinations. They also put together various combinations of the above decorations to form new visions of Venus. Using all these different decoration techniques gave Morgantown the opportunity to keep this simple clean line fresh and exciting for many years with out expensive new molds needed.

Venus is a blown stem line with the 7577 line number attached. This article is only focused on the water goblet. To date I have been able to collect 19 different versions of this elegant line. I am sure there are more styles I have yet to find. If any of you readers have a water goblet in the Venus line that is different than the ones mentioned in this article, pleas let us know so we can add it to the list of Venus Varieties.

Here is what I have been able to collect so far.

1.    Crystal, no optic, with Bramble Rose etching.

2.    Ritz Blue body with Crystal foot, gold filled needle etched rim and thin gold band.

3.    Anna Rose, 16 panel optic with combination wheel cutting and grey stone cut.

4.    Nanking Blue, 16 panel optic.

5.    Crystal with Spring Wreath etch, 16 panel optic, and gold filled band #26.

6.    Anna Rose, 16 panel optic, with Cherry Blossom etch.

7.    Crystal, no optic with Cherry Blossom, trimmed with a thin gold band on the rim and foot.

8.    Anna Rose, 16 panel optic with Bramble Rose etching.

9.    Crystal, 16 panel optic, needle etch with top gold filled needle etched band.

10.    14k Topaz, 16 panel optic and needle etch.

11.    Anna Rose, 16 panel optic, needle etch with gold filled needle etch band.

12.    Venetian Green no optic with needle etch.

13.    Venetian Green with unknown needle etch and top band.

14.    Venetian Green with Palm Optic.

15.    Azure, 16 panel optic with Grey cutting and Tulip Optic. (this optic is very light and hard to photograph)

16.    Crystal, no optic with needle etching 313.

17.    Anna Rose with 16 panel optic.

18.    Anna Rose body with Azure foot and tulip Optic.

19.    Peach, 16 panel optic with American beauty etching.

The numbers above are for the pictures below.


There should be more styles of Venus that I have not found. Jerry Gallagher also lists Crystal with Ebony foot in his book, A Handbook of Old Morgantown Glass, on page 125. So the hunt continues for my collection of 7577 Venus goblets.

Below we see photos of the different Venus decorations and the clean elegant lines of this classic Morgantown line.